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Severnside forum

Severnside Area Action Plan

Priority Matrix for Area Forum V2 - Thursday 20th April 2006

Priority ( 10 being highest, 1 being lowest)
Order of Priority
1.0 Youth/
young people
      A task and finish sub-group is to be created, which is to be chaired by Kerry Griffiths. The group will link with existing Youth/Young Peoples groups to achieve the aims and aspirations of all concerned.
1.1 Drugs/Alcohol Abuse (across all age groups) - Links to Health issues        
1.2 Education - particularly Sexual Health        
1.3 Lack of pre play group facilities - links to economy, jobs        
2.0 Culture and Community and Heritage        
2.2 Community Events should be supported
2.3 Provision of a village hall in Caldicot This is to be put on the next Area Forum Meeting agenda, with the view of a task and finish group being formed.
2.4 Tourism needs to be encouraged - links to walking paths etc
3.0 Economic Development It was felt that this item would be better dealt with by Caldicot Regeneration Group. MGJ to write to CRG.
3.1 Employment outside the area
3.2 Poor Shopping experience - Leading to lack of footfall
3.3 High rents on high street
4.0 Senior Citizens This item would be dealt with by 50+ Action Group/U3A Group.
4.1 Access to Services/ Areas of Interest
4.2 Exercise (links to health)
5.0 Health Health issues are to be directed to the LHB/Alan Coffey.
5.1 Inaccessible doctors services /access to medical and preventative support
6.0 Security These issues are to be dealt with by the Severnside CSAT Group.
6.1 Ambulance and Fire services
6.2 Safety - crime and housing / Street
6.3 Disabled/access and services
7.0 Communications Any points to be given to Mike Jones to put on the agenda.
7.1 Better coordinated communications across services - (particularly where they relate to support for the above activities).        
8.0 Housing       Any housing issues are to be directed to the One Stop Shop.
8.1 Excess housing but no support facilities      
9.0 Transports links       Transport issues are usually directed via the Community/Town Councils & One Stop Shop.
9.1 Motorway Access      
9.2 Wasted space - for community Use      
9.3 Walking Access - bicycle paths      

Main Issues for the development of the forum